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DO YOU WANT A SHIRT-IF SO.... WHAT SIZE This poll is closed
Yes- Large 30 42.25%
Yes- XLarge 29 40.85%
Yes- XXLarge 12 16.90%
Yes-Above XXL 6 8.45%
NO 1 1.41%
Voters: 71 100%

old 08-08-2012  
cturboaddict cturboaddict is offline
He who Works on Mercs
Join Date: Aug 2010
Location: Collinsville, IL (St. Louis on the Illinois Side)
Posts: 3,965

Okay guys. I got out today and chatted with a guy about having some shirts made for the site. I tossed him some ideas, and Ill narrow down colors and what not over the next few days.
First thing first..... ARE YOU INTERESTED IN ONE. I will have a price on them with shipping once I get a head count and size idea. So, click yes you want one and a size so I can get a tally. More to come!!!

YES- I will ship them to Canada. (ill get prices on that too-maybe flat rate over the border)


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