View Full Version : OMC single binnacle/top mount control needed

08-06-2011, 09:11 AM
Anyone have one laying around they'd like to sell me?
I am fully aware that everyone's 'winders and clones utilize sidemount controls, but my 'winder needs a top mount.
Mine's all jacked up, and I've been searching CL since I started ripping her apart last Oct... no dice.
I know some of ya have several boats- so I thought I'd give it a try.
Need one like in the pic... minus the blingin' homemade teak handle that is

08-06-2011, 10:02 PM
Does it have to have the rape whistle? Ill look around on our CL and ask around too this week.

08-06-2011, 10:30 PM
... well, she does run like a raped ape. Sooo, maybe.
Nah, the whistle is required by law (or a compressed air horn) gotta have a loud noise maker on the boat in FL.
I've come across a few on Ebay over the months, but they're either too proud of 'em ($$$$) or it isn't quite the right one (no trim switch on the handle), or its all beat to holyhell.
Thinking about going the more custom route and slapping one of these in there. I don't mind the dual levers, but I really like the t/t switch on the handle... thats really all that's stopping me from it
Guess I could put the t/t on the wheel, all performance boat style... but that aint really the boats style, is it? I do really like the chrome Teleflex controls otherwise... may go that route

08-06-2011, 11:01 PM
Ohhh...... Shiny.... Would look sweet!